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It can be tempting to attempt an electrical installation to your home by yourself. You may have a garage full of tools or expert guides or even a tutorial video, but there are upsides to a licensed electrician that just can’t be replicated. Look to Toronto Electrical Experts for electrical installations for Toronto homes and benefit by:

  • Saving Money: We’ve been doing electrical work since 1989 and our licensed electricians know how to determine the right tools and supplies for any job. Furthermore, we know the best ways to get access to the wiring needed for your installation. If the electrical installation requires opening walls or other access points, we can be as minimally invasive as possible; that means you don’t need to spend money on repairs.
  • Staying Legal: We stay abreast of all local laws, bylaws, and regulations governing electrical work so you never run the risk of incurring fines or other penalties. Our electricians are fully licensed and insured as part of our promise to always engage in fair business practices. We always secure the appropriate permits and will work with home inspectors to make sure the work we do is up to code.
  • Saving Time: Doing the work yourself means a lot of research and likely more than one trip to purchase supplies and materials, possibly meaning spending more time on preparation than the job itself. There’s also a risk of missing something important and needing to do additional maintenance. Hiring an expert not only gets the job done as soon as possible, but once we leave, you won’t need to call us back for corrections.
  • Staying Safe: Electricity can be dangerous both to people and property. Our contractors respect the safety process and stay compliant with the Ontario Electrical Safety Code at all times.

Specialized Installation Services

Toronto Electrical Experts has the experts, experience, and equipment to handle a variety of installation needs. Consult or hire us when looking to make any of these electrical installations to your Toronto home:

  • Install a Plug: If your appliances are all competing at the outlets or you’ve found yourself hunting for a spare socket, we can add new plugs to your home to improve power availability.
  • Install a Ceiling Fan: In addition to being complicated to wire, ceiling fans are typically heavy–it’s common for them to weigh over 50 pounds. We can handle the lifting and install with ease.
  • Install Lighting: The right lights, from wall sconces to pot lights to ceiling lamps, can unlock a room’s potential and character. Look here to learn more about how we can find and install the right lighting design for you. Whether indoors for rooms and workspaces or outdoors for path or patio lights, we can do it.
  • Specialty Installation: Pool lights and pumps, security lighting (especially for motion detectors), and electric heating are all examples of systems that have specialized wiring needs. We can pick the right wire for the job and perform these installations easily.

Contact us to find out how Toronto Electrical Experts can make electrical installations for homes a simple and speedy process.

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