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Residential Electrical Services

Toronto Electrical Experts can assist with any type of residential renovation, whether you are building an extension to your home, renovating your basement, kitchen or bathroom, or installing pot lights in your condo. Services that we offer include but are not limited to:

  • Electrical System (service panel) Upgrades: services boxes, usually in older homes circuits, are maxed out. This can be a problem for additions you may wish to do to your home.
  • Knob and Tube Replacement: If your home was built before 1950, then you probably have knobs and tube for your electrical needs. Whether you need to replace the existing wiring or are doing a major renovation and want to upgrade to a newer system we can help.
  • Changing Fuses to Breakers: It’s true that a fuse and breaker do the same thing but if you are tired of switching out the fuse when you blow it, then a breaker is for you; when you blow it you just move the switch rather than replace the fuse itself.
  • Installation of Plugs for Appliances: Are you always asking yourself where a free plug in your home is? Then maybe it’s time to install some new plug outlets for your stoves, microwaves, washer/dryer, etc.
  • Installation of Ceiling Fans : Ceiling fans can be very complicated and can weigh over 50 lbs. Leaving it to the professionals will save you headaches and frustrations.
  • Systems Wiring for Outdoor Lighting: Are you looking to add up lights, down lights, back lights, path lights or specialty lights to your outdoor space? We can professionally light up your landscape.
  • Aluminum Wiring Replacement, Corrective Wiring: If your wiring is failing, then repairs or upgrades to comply with current code requirements may be in order. Wires can be very tricky and should be assessed by a professional.
  • Installation of Decorative or Accent Lighting: The purpose of this lighting is to set a certain type of mood and atmosphere, especially in the evening hours. This can include wall sconces, pot lights, etc.
  • Systems Wiring for Smoke Detectors: If you’re looking at smoke detectors and need the extra wiring, then you came to the right place.
  • Outside GFCI Circuiting and Receptacles: This protects you from getting an electric shock, this is a must to keep in perfect working order
  • Specialty Wiring: Including wiring for pool lighting, pumps and equipment, motion detected security lighting, landscape lighting and electric heat.

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