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Electrical Repair Services

Problems with your home’s electricity can range from the annoying like flickering lights, to the inconvenient like a power outage, to the dangerous like frayed wiring or loose grounding. Even when the cause of your electrical problem and its solution seems simple, it’s always best to contact a professional. Toronto Electrical Experts can safely perform electrical repairs for Toronto and Richmond Hill area homes, diagnose any underlying problems, and take proactive steps to prevent reoccurrence.

Specialized Repair Services

We have been repairing electrical systems for over 25 years and know the ins and outs of troubleshooting and repair solutions. Here are some problems we can help solve:

  • Flickering Lights: This is an annoying but potentially serious problem. Flickering lights in the same section of the house likely means you have a bad connection or loose wire. Loose wires are especially dangerous and can be anywhere in the system, from a light switch to the socket to the electrical panel itself. We can perform a full circuit diagnostic to track down and correct the underlying issue. If the flickering is connected to an appliance being run, this is a sign that your electrical panel may be in need of an upgrade; in these cases, we can perform an assessment and make recommendations on possible solutions.
  • Hot Water Issues: If your hot water is intermittent, lukewarm at best, too hot, or simply not running, we can inspect your electrical water heater to find and fix the cause. Possible explanations include the thermostat being improperly set, scale buildup, deterioration of the heating element, or a leak in the heater. Note that water heaters run on a powerful combination of volts and amps that can easily be lethal, so it is imperative to leave any electrical repairs on the heater to a professional.
  • Smoke Alarm Chirping: If your smoke alarm beeps intermittently even after changing the batteries, we can look at the wiring to see if something is causing a power disruption. If the chirping happens at around the same time in the evening or morning, the cause is likely the result of a surge that happens when your power company changes grids in response to demand. We can offer circuit improvement solutions for this, as well as electrical repairs.
  • Mystery Switch: If you have moved into a new home, you may encounter switches that don’t seem to do anything. This is the result of how the previous homeowners had outlets rewired or replaced; the switch used to control the outlet, but now it does nothing. We can look at the switch’s connections and make suggestions for either putting it to use or removing it.

Contact us to have Toronto Electrical Experts perform electrical repairs in Toronto and Richmond. We will troubleshoot and solve your household electrical problems and prevent them from happening again.

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